• Question: Did you ever think you would become a Scientist ?

    Asked by FootballFred03 to Andrew, Jade, Jessica, Kevin, Lynn on 16 Jun 2015. This question was also asked by lauren.
    • Photo: Jess Wade

      Jess Wade answered on 16 Jun 2015:

      I never even thought you could be a scientist! I thought that you became a doctor, or worked in a bank, or taught in a school. I thought if you did science at university you just had to teach! But then when I started to learn about different scientist’s disoveries, I realised some people never stop asking questions and doing experiments for answers. Then I realised it was the job I had to do- always learning, and always helping society.

    • Photo: Lynn Martin

      Lynn Martin answered on 17 Jun 2015:

      We were always told in school that you should study what interests you cause thats what you will be good at. I loved chemistry and always knew i would so something that would involve science but maybe as a vet or a pharmacist but now iam an analytical chemist and thats cool

    • Photo: Kevin Honeychurch

      Kevin Honeychurch answered on 19 Jun 2015:

      ………No. At school i was in too low a group to take the qualifications you needed. I managed to get into science latter, and now have a Ph.D in chemistry!