• Question: did you have a job before your curent job if so what was your last job

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      Asked by $haun dang doughnuts to Kevin, Lynn on 19 Jun 2015. This question was also asked by gunner fmk.
      • Photo: Lynn Martin

        Lynn Martin answered on 19 Jun 2015:

        I have worked in quite a few other jobs but they have all been science based. My first job when I left uni was in a printed circuit board manufacturer who made circuit boards for Sony errikson and Nokia. I had to make sure all the chemicals were working right and that we did not pollute the enviroment with our waste chemicals. I then went to work for the Environment agency where I worked in the sewage lab testing samples from sewage treatment works. That job was poo literally! I have also worked for an aircraft manufacturer to make sure the aircraft had corrosion resistance and did a few years as a sales rep. That was too high pressure for me so for the past 7 years I have been working to check drinking water samples which is lovely 🙂

      • Photo: Kevin Honeychurch

        Kevin Honeychurch answered on 20 Jun 2015:

        I have worked at several different labs before my present job. I worked after mu first degree at Severn Trent Lab analysing and food for pesticides and other poisons. I then worked in pharmacology, helping them develop new drugs and formulations. I then left to do my Ph.D.