• Question: Did you like science at school?

    Asked by blondie to Jessica, Andrew, Jade on 23 Jun 2015. This question was also asked by alicenugget, gunner fmk.
    • Photo: Jess Wade

      Jess Wade answered on 23 Jun 2015:

      Hey blondie!

      I loved science at school. I was never that interested in biology, because there was too much memorising and not enough working things out or discovering. Physics is a beautiful subject where we explain everything using simple equations, like the universe and why planes fly and why light emitters glow. Chemistry is great because you get to do cool experiments in the lab, and play with electrons in atoms.

      I also loved other subjects though- especially art. Whilst at university I still do art on the side- and I went to art school for a bit!

    • Photo: Andrew Fensham-Smith

      Andrew Fensham-Smith answered on 24 Jun 2015:

      I really liked science at school, though sometimes I got a bit carried away and didn’t always listen to the teacher. Because of that things often didn’t work and I might get a bit huffy. But Chemistry eventually became my favourite subject because it’s a lot like cooking. You have a recipe (in chemistry this is called an experimental) and it is exactly like a recipe. Add this to this, stir it around for a while, then add this other thing, heat it up, filter it off – boom you’ve made something. Just like cooking!