• Question: how come you came up with the idea making bendy phones

    Asked by lauren to Jessica on 17 Jun 2015. This question was also asked by 572curc36.
    • Photo: Jess Wade

      Jess Wade answered on 17 Jun 2015:

      Hey Lozzer,

      We came up with the idea because we knew we could make special chemicals that only contained carbon and hydrogen bonds (carbon is the same thing that is in pencil lead and diamonds, hydrogen is in water) that could also conduct electricity. When you can conduct electricity through these special chemicals, you can start to think about how to use them in electronic devices. We thought at first about making little chips for computers, like little electronic switches. the problem with that is that they have to be so small to fit inside the computers, and sometimes we couldn’t squish our molecules enouigh to make the thousands of electronic switches a computer needs.
      So instead we used another cool thing about their chemistry: we can change the colours that they glow by changing the different elements inside them.SO we can put oxygen in, or nitrogen, or flourine, and change the colours the chemicals shined. Then we started to think about making TV screens and mobile phones. BEcause the bonds between the molecules are pretty weak, when we mix them in liquids and heat them the chemicals dissolve to make inks that can conduct electricity. That’s so cool- a glowing, conducting ink. So we printed them on to plastics and made little conducting screens. After conducting screens, you just add on the technology to link up voices via satellites to make a bendy mobile phone!